New Website Finally Complete

We’re pleased to say the transition to the new hosting and website design is finally finished, and this now stands us in good stead for our future events. Thank you to all of you for your patience. While the majority of the site is basically the old site but under a new design, we are intended to expand the site over time based on what you would like to see.

We have already added a new events page here, which shows a calendar of all the events coming up within London. If you click on any of the listings on that calendar and then click on “More information” it’ll take you straight to the listing for that event. The colour code is red for other events/community celebrations, green for other Cache in Trash Out (CiTO) events, and all London Calling related events will be in yellow.

Also, if you scroll to the bottom of any page, you’ll see a list of the next few geocaching events coming up in London. If you click on the name of the event there, it’ll take you straight to the event listing on

If you spot that we’ve missed an upcoming event, let us know by sending us a message using the Contact Us form here. Or just let us know about any new features you’d like to see on our site.


New Website On the Way

We’re just in the midst of organising the new website, so you might see a few changes over the course of the next few days/week. We’ve taken on board some of the feedback, especially with regards to the integration in relation to the online store and we hope that the new arrangements will work a lot better than the store we used for LC21.

One of the additional features is that we’re looking to host an ongoing calendar of geocaching events in London. This can be seen on our events page here.

As always, please send us any feedback you may have via the contact form.