Our primary sponsor, of course, is Geocaching.com, without whom we wouldn’t have a purpose for this Mega event! We thank Geocaching and the Lackies behind it for all the support and help they have provided over the years, and continue to do so.

PinPoint is a UK-based quarterly A5 print magazine looking at the adventurous and fascinating world of geocaching. It includes regular features covering a wide range of geocaching subjects, a puzzle competition, a strong editorial angle and a quirky approach to the game.

You can purchase individual issues (while stock last) or an annual subscription from their shop.

The UK Geocoin Database is a website dedicated to providing information on geocoins from within the United Kingdom and the British Isles. Their website is here.

Charity affiliates

Following London Calling 2021, we were left with a bunch of leftover stationary equipment. We always try to make the best use of leftover materials at LC, and through Pens for Kids UK we were able to donate our leftover stationery to be sent to schoolchildren around the world where it is needed. If you’ve got a box of pens/pencils sitting at the back of a cupboard or a bunch of promotional pens leftover from an event, please do consider sending them to Pens for Kids UK and they’ll be able to get them in the hands of children who need them.