London Calling 2023

Launching our Adventure Labs

I’m sure anyone who attended London Calling 2021 can remember our adventure labs. We’ve had some amazing compliments on our clever temporary indoor adventure labs which included the use of magic wands, gold pots, QR cubes, magic glasses and of course Big Ben. Of course, we also cannot forget the outdoor lab cache trail which takes in many of the highlights of London as it snakes its way from Westminster to Tower Bridge and back.

We are once again putting out a series of outdoor adventure labs, which will be able to remain out, as well as temporary adventure labs within the Mega venue itself which will only be available for completion on 29th April.

Some attendees will want to create .gpx files to enable them to find the adventure labs. As such, we are launching our outdoor lab caches slightly ahead of the Mega on the morning of Friday 28th April. All of these sets will be staying out. These will include the following:

  • Four sets of 10 adventure labs around the Marylebone area
  • Six sets of 5 adventure labs around the Wimbledon Common area
  • One set of 5 adventure labs in the City of London

The set of 10 adventure labs which will be available during London Calling 2023 will be going live that morning prior to Platinum Pack entry at 10:30 am. The set of 10 adventure labs going out during LC23: The Marylebone Mystery will be going live just prior to readmission to the venue at 6 pm. Both of these sets are temporary, and so will only be available until Saturday 6th May for logging purposes, at which point they will be shut down and will no longer be visible on the Adventure Labs app.