London Calling 2025

London Calling 2025 Announcement

Behind the scenes, the London Calling Committee have feverously been working away on our plans to return for a third time as London Calling 2025. We’ve now got our venue confirmed, and so we can finally make some announcements that we’ve been eager to tell everyone about.

London Calling 2025 will take place on 3rd May 2025.

It will be hosted at Central Hall, Westminster. For attendees of LC21, this will be very familiar, as we’re going back to that venue. It’s a minute’s walk from Parliament Square, and directly opposite Westminster Abbey. The site is a brilliant location if you want to combine tourist activities in London with Geocaching.

The other major news is…. WE ARE BRINGING THE GPS MAZE BACK TO THE UK!!!!!

That’s right, for only the second time ever, the GPS Adventures Maze will be appearing in the UK, having previously appeared at the North Wales Mega in 2016. Except this time, it’s a debut of a brand new UK-specific maze, rather than one which has been borrowed from elsewhere.

The maze will be available to visit between 1st to 3rd May 2025, and will also be located at Westminster Central Hall. It will be free to access, and we will be publishing details of the virtual ticketing/queue system over the next few months. We’re aware that in some cases people have had to physically queue for several hours to get into the GPS Maze at certain events, and we’re keen to avoid that as much as we can.

The listing for both will go live at the start of May 2024, with ticket sales for the main event, supporters packs, coin sales etc, all going live at the same time.